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LifeVantage: Become a Consultant

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Your Path to What's Possible Whether your destination is a different kind of life or making a difference in the lives of others, your journey as an Independent LifeVantage® Consultant can help you evolve possibilities at every step along the way. Evolve Possibilities Get ready to define success on your terms. The Evolve Compensation Plan is designed to fit your life and reward you for working your way. Whether you want to sell products to Customers, build a team, or both, you can start earning supplemental income on day 1 by sharing the power of activation. You’ll have a clear path with potential earnings that grow along with you. What does it take? 1. Share the products you love and inspire others to do the same 2. Grow your earnings and your potential as more people join you 3. Lead, succeed, and evolve your life

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