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A Full Life

So what makes for a full life? Is it equality, peace, money, fame, personal fulfillment? Studies show that satisfaction is found in the pursuit of a goal, not necessarily the acquisition. Thus anticipation of Christmas Day rather than the arrival of the Day itself is what provides satisfaction.

While you are considering such, also consider health. Health is usually ignored as long as it remains stable. We take it for granted and many times simply abuse it- especially when young as youth provides a "buffer" to our bad health behavior. Only when health problems present themselves, at whatever age, do we realize how fragile our life can be and how great a blessing good health is.

Let your life be fulfilled, in one way, by deliberately pursuing health goals. From proper eating and drinking to regular activity to additional disciplines such as yoga, meditation, cryo, sauna, tai chi and more. In these pursuits there will always be another goal to be achieved, another discipline to master- all providing that satisfaction which comes from the pursuit.

Best wishes for the new year in your pursuit! May you experience fulfillment.

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