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Yes, it's official. Summer has begun and all who live in South Texas know it can be hot, hot, hot! However that shouldn't stop your activities; just maybe shifts them. Work with the rhythms of the season by doing more in the mornings or evenings. Tempting as it may be to stay inside all day because of the heat, be sure to get some exposure to daylight because your body thrives on it. Shift runs or workouts to early mornings or evenings. If your workout is an aquatic one- enjoy the pool and if possible consider an outside pool. If you are able, give yourself permission to take a short nap. Your body works hard to buffer itself against the heat and sometimes needs a short break. Naps also help rejuvenate not only the body, but the brain! Above all, hot summers are just a normal part of the year and don't last forever. Before you know it the first cool front of fall will be here!

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