The Revolutionary Sound Therapy technology delivering real results to users all across the world: 

Introducing HUSO!

Why Sound?

HUSO begins with the human voice. Throughout history, the power of song and sound has been well researched and proven. By delivering uniquely enhanced human toning sounds through headphones as well as through pads placed on major acupuncture meridians, HUSO introduces specific modulated frequencies to balance and harmonize throughout the body.

What Should I Expect?

Experience better rest, less stress, improved health, enhanced performance and a clear mind with HUSO. Powerful tones create a natural resonance in your body counteracting (harmful) EMFs, toxins and stress you are exposed to during the day while rebalancing the body leaving you with a clear head, improved health, better sleep, and a feeling of calmness and well being. 

How Long Does a Session Last?

The actual sound session is 30 minutes. 

Do I Need Special Clothing?

No. Come as you are and relax while the session takes place. 

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