Short History 

Cryotherapy originated in Japan in 1978. It was originally introduced as a treatment for those with serious cases of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), for  treating chronic inflammation and for enhanced muscle recovery. Noting it's high level of success, cryotherapy spread to Europe and became a  useful tool for trainers, athletes, and physical therapists. Finally it spread to the United States, and has been enthusiastically embraced by sports teams (professional and amateur), body builders, various health practitioners, and the general public to treat muscle aches, increase recovery time, recover from surgeries, and reduce pain.  

What Will Happen?

Our Impact Cryotherapy chamber uses 

nitrogen gas to cool the user area. During your

3 minute session your body will sense the

extreme cold and its survival mechanisms

will kick in. Circulation will be diverted from your

extremities and maximized in the visceral

region where your organs are located in order to

protect them. Capillaries will expand many times

the normal amount which enables white blood

cells to heal injuries faster. The end result is relief

of pain, a remarkable sense of well-being,

improved alertness, improved skin elasticity and

texture, reduced inflammation, and an increase in stamina.

Do I Need Special Clothing?

Yes. We will provide you with special gloves, socks and boots to protect your extremities.

How Long Am I in the Chamber?

Time in the chamber lasts between 2 and 3 minutes max. Total session duration is 5-10 minutes to allow for getting dressed.

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