The Bed

The Ceragem V3 bed helps to reduce back and

joint pain, alleviate stress, improve circulation

and relax stiff, painful muscles. It cleverly

combines the latest technology with many

traditional principles of Eastern medicine such

as moxibustion and accupressure to massage

and soothe the body's 'distress signals' which

cause us to feel pain and stressed. While the

CERAGEM massage kneads and relaxes the

muscles, moxibustion (resulting from the heated

jade stones) directs heat to the body, stimulating

blood circulation and relieving muscle tension.


Radiant Far Infrared Heat

Research has shown radiant infrared heat increases blood circulation throughout your body, which in turn, helps to improves your overall health. During a session you will receive an optimal level of infrared heat from the Internal Projectors, External Projectors, and the Epoxy Carbon Panels. The External Projectors allow convenient access to any part of your body. The Epoxy Carbon Panels located in the main and lower mats also generate infrared heat to further benefit your legs, knees, ankles and feet.

How Long Is a Session?

Most sessions last 40 minutes.

Do I Need Special Clothing?

No. Come as you are and simply relax on the bed and listen to the music while the session takes place. Many people actually fall asleep during the session and awake feeling refreshed and renewed.

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