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Fights Inflammation/Aids Recovery

A short 2-3 minute session in sub zero temperatures can help alleviate aches and pains, speed workout recovery and boost your mood! Increase dopamine production, Speed up metabolism, Pain relief, Overall feel great

Unique Apparel for Enhanced Performance, Faster Recovery,  Increased Movement and Pain Relief!

From weight loss to fighting inflammation to general overall health benefits, a far infrared sauna session is a gift to yourself! Decrease soreness, Detoxify, Pain relief, Speed up metabolism

Take Your Healing To The Next Level With The Benefits Of Light Therapy. Speed up wound healing, Increase testosterone production, Boost ATP, Energy,  Decrease muscle pain, Alleviate dermatological issues

Solutions for Pain Relief, Weightloss, Relaxation, Increased Energy,  Anxiety Relief, Improved Sleep and More!


Whole Body to Pinpoint Massage

With sessions from 10 to 30 minutes in length, the NovoXT chair can accommodate your schedule. Slip into a relaxing compression therapy session or challenge yourself to an energizing whole body Shiatsu massage for recovery or pinpoint a problem area and work out the kinks.

Mental Focus and Clarity! Relief from Anxiety and Sleeplessness!!

Utilizing tones derived from the human voice, sessions promote relaxation and relief from anxiety as well as mental clarity and renewed focus.

All in 30 minutes!

The Only Essential Oils with the Forever Guarantee

Smell is one of our most dominant senses. Through this dominant pathway  essential oils can bring relief, relaxation, and change of mood. Nature's Fusions Oils match high quality to affordability and with their Forever Guarantee, you are set- "Anyone can return any Nature's Fusions product at any time, for any reason, FOREVER."

Need a Back Alignment?

The V3 is the only massage bed of its caliber on the market. Using far infrared heat, 12 different massage programs for adjustment and relief and custom music to promote relaxation, the V3 is like nothing you've ever experienced!

Breathe Easy with Halotherapy!

Halotherapy, is derived from the Greek, Halo, meaning “salt”.  Also known as Salt Therapy, Halotherapy is a holistic treatment that reproduces the natural micro climate of a salt cave by dispersing a high concentration of  microsalt particles into the air.

Air Pressure

We believe in living a life which is happy, healthy and strong. These beliefs guide the services, products and practices at Oasis Cryo & Health Spa, as we focus on helping clients improve their level of health and fitness. We offer a variety of services to help our clients achieve healthier bodies and minds. Explore our site to learn more about us and what we can do for your health.

"Health is not valued till sickness comes"

Thomas Fuller

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