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Cryotherapy and weight loss

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Is Cryotherapy a viable method for weight loss? Its not a magic pill but it can aid or speed up your fitness goals

Whether you are looking to shed a few pounds or have a total transformation you are probably looking and researching for the most effective and efficient way to do so.

So what exactly is Cryotherapy?

Its actually rather simple. Whole Body Cryotherapy involves standing in a tube like chamber, with your head exposed, then liquid nitrogen is used to rapidly chill the chamber to as low as -200 Fahrenheit. You remain in the chamber for about 2 minutes but no longer than 3 (you don't need to stay in any longer by this point your body has activated it's fight or flight and endorphins are rushing through your body). Once you step out, you get dressed again and go on about your day, zero downtime.

Why was Cryotherapy developed?

In the 1970's a Japanese Dr. Yamaguchi began researching Cryotherapy for the treatment of Rheumatoid arthritis. His findings determined the rapid reduction of temperature triggered the release of endorphins, which proved to be effective in the reduction of pain in his patients. These findings were presented to the European Congress on Arthritis from there notable doctors and scientists continued and advanced the research. They found that not only did Cryotherapy help with inflammation and pain they also found it offered numerous health benefits, including weight loss and fat tissue reduction due to extreme cold exposure.


  1. Pain relief

  2. Muscle healing

  3. Weight loss

  4. Reduction in total body inflammation

  5. Reduce or prevent dementia

  6. lowers the risk of cancer

  7. reduces anxiety and depression

  8. improves symptoms of eczema or atopic dermatitis

  9. treating migraine headaches

  10. numbs nerve irritation

  11. helps with MS symptoms

  12. fibromyalgia

  13. immune boosting

  14. great nights sleep

  15. The list could go on....

The reason for this post is Cryotherapy and weight loss so here we go.

Cryotherapy and weight loss

Cryotherapy can promote weight loss, as it increases your metabolism. During the short session that you are exposed to extreme sub-zero temperatures, your brain sends out signals to pump more blood to your core to protect your vital organs and because of this your metabolic rate will increase.

When you exit the chamber oxygen rich blood will course throughout your body but metabolically your body is expending a tremendous amount of energy to heat your body back up to its normal temperature.

For about 8-12 hours after a session your body will burn an EXTRA 500-900 calories. 3 minutes in a cryo chamber is the approximately the same as 45 minutes of jogging. WOW

Now again cryotherapy isn't a magic pill. You cannot get a cryo session and then go out and have fast food. It isn't ordering a cheeseburger with a Diet Coke and thinking they cancel one another out.

Another reason, or a different way of looking at it is this. Say you aren't a gym rat but someone who is unfortunately overweight. Now this extra weight puts tremendous strain on the joints, thus causing inflammation. Now this individual wants to lose weight but they barely have the ability to walk around the block. Doing cryotherapy will decrease the body's inflammation and possibly give them the respite from pain to where they can walk around the block. They come back in for another treatment due to muscle soreness because they walked and then it just builds. One block, then two.....then running, who knows, as the weight comes off, the stress on the joints decreases. If you are a gym rat then you've experienced muscle soreness. Cryo helps alleviate the pain so you can be back in the gym for your 5:30am session the next day.

So its all compounding. It works for everyone actually. It works in different ways but ultimately getting to the same and fitness

Cryotherapy and brown fat....

When we think of 'fat' it is often used in a negative tone. Now a lot people aren't aware but we actually have two primary types of fat cells in our body. White and Brown. They have vastly different functions in our bodies. White fat is the type associated with health related diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. Brown fat is primarily used to insulate and keep warm, it is also metabolically active. Babies have more brown fat than adults due to their inability to shiver when cold but as we age the need for brown fat diminishes. However we do still have brown fat and research shows that activating these fat cells can lead to significant health benefits, and could contribute to fat loss. When brown fat is activated (cryotherapy or cold exposure) it increases your energy expenditure and therefore contributes to burning extra calories.


In conjunction with diet and exercise , Cryotherapy can help you achieve your fitness goals exponentially faster. We suggest booking 2-3 sessions a week and giving it a shot for 3 weeks. You should see noticeable results.

Come try it for yourself at Oasis Cryo and Health Spa. We are located at 13133 NW Military, San Antonio, TX 78231 or take a look at

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