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life crystal pyramid shield

Life Crystal Pyramid Shield (version 2)


Scalar energy sleep aid, EMF Protection, and more!

Electrically powered scalar subtle energy device that promotes deep sleep helps relieve stress and stress-related issues, helps to reduce or eliminate jet lag, relaxes the body and mind, reduces the effects of electromagnetic pollution, helps improve performance during waking hours, and more. 

Just place the Life Crystal Pyramid Shield and plug it into a power outlet, turn it on, and let it run 24/7 to sleep deeply, or while awake to be more relaxed without feeling tired, lethargic, or dumbed down. Also improves plant growth, fermentation, results during massage or other bodywork, and homeopathic structure of water and water-based fluids.

The Life Crystal Pyramid Shield emits a 20-foot radius subtle energy field known as "scalar energy" that is beneficial to all living organisms: people, animals, plants, and microbes. The scalar energy passes through walls, floors, and ceilings unobstructed, so you can place it strategically for maximum coverage.

Benefits of what this amazing device can do:

  • - Deep, restful sleep
  • - Stress relief
  • - Reduced effects of electromagnetic pollution
  • - Increased energy levels
  • - Delayed and reduced fatigue
  • - Calmer and happier mood
  • - Prevention of jet lag
  • - Increased physical and emotional health, well-being, strength, and stamina
  • - Improved meditation
  • - Accelerated physical and emotional healing and regeneration
  • - Reduced anger or frustration
  • - Improved relationships
  • - Decreased aging
  • - Improved plant growth and health
  • - Improved homeopathic properties or subatomic "memory" of water or water-based liquids.


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