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thera360 personal sauna

Thera360 PLUS Personal Sauna


Comes in White or Black****


Thera360 PLUS Personal Infrared Sauna Features and Benefits

Full Spectrum InfraRed Frequencies - Includes Near to Far Infrared

Advanced EMF Remediation

Bio-Energetic Harmonizing Technology

Gem Stone Technology (GST)

Negative Ion Bio-Tech

Advanced Earthing Technology

Non-Toxic Bamboo Materials 

No VOC's

No Off-Gassing

Special Digital Controller
with Enhanced Temperatures from 100° F - 170° F

Special Digital Controller with Extended 90 Minute Timer

Natural Bamboo Wooden Chair

Bamboo Infrared Foot Panel

Radiant Barrier Frequency Recirculating Insulation

Easy Repair Format -DIY
All Parts are Plug n' Play

Signature Black and Pearl White Outer Cases to Choose From

Bamboo Reinforced Frame Construction

Voltage 110v - 120v (220v - 240V available)

Dual "Tri-Lite" Red Light & Near Infrared Frequency Light Panels

118 High Powered - Medical Grade Photon Chips - 600nm - 980nm

Advanced EMF, ELF, & RF Remediation


Therasage Prides itself on being the "World's Leader" on developing cutting edge Infrared devices and health science applications to achieve optimal health outcomes. Our new Thera360 Plus Personal Infrared Sauna introduces "Tri-Lite” Panels enhancing the Near Infrared Frequencies and Red Light Frequencies into our Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna. "Tri-Lite" is a Therasage exclusive that succinctly generates healing infrared and red light frequencies, from 600nm to 980nm from each diode. The Thera360 Plus will enhance Mitochondrial health and cellular energy, improve microcirculation and blood oxygenation, enhance the natural production of Nitric Oxide, additional skin and anti-aging benefits, and the best natural detoxification possible, along with all the amazing health benefits of Full Spectrum Infrared

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