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TheraD-Lite (Red light, near infrared, Ultraviolet for D, 2x Pulsation


Therasage has recognized thru research and development and independent clinical studies that Vitamin D is an essential resource that influences more than 1/3 of our bodily systems on a daily basis. We have also seen that the populations of the world's levels of Vitamin D3 are dropping drastically. The main source in Nature for D3  is sunlight, specifically the UltraViolet Spectrum and some of the wavelengths in  InfraRed. 


TheraD-Lite has all the special invisible frequencies in the celebrated Tri-Lite system and much more. TheraD-lite has a specialized UltraViolet (UV) Light  Emitting Diode (LED) that enhances the absorption of Vitamin D3 both naturally or if you supplement with D3. 

This unique pad is equipped with a very special inline remote control that allows you to select a specified treatment time (30- 60 - 90 mins.) and also allows you to turn on/off the UV LED (the Vit D3 LED). In addition, this healing pad is the only one in the world that also has a pulsation selection that pulses at your Heart rate frequency or the Earth’s frequency for enhances photon absorption. Lastly, TheraD-lite is lightweight, affordable, flexible, and has a power supply that allows you to use it in any place in the world.

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